The story behind this image and the one that follow – it is a long process of evolution in my self directed photography occupation as a freelance.

These three images are well prepared and thought through in order to dispel the myth – that Great white are dangerous to people diving…

In order to get the perfect image as we see the shark in our own eyes, rather than through the distortion of wide angle lens – i used the 50mm, normal lens to get a picture of the Great white from less than one meter away with no distortion,

The goal is – Shark image make over – the truth is that shark was easy smiling in front of the camera, and not only one, as you see here at least one more (I have few others) different sharks look at me at the same way…smiling…with no other intention

I lead underwater photography expedition and coaching people how to get best images of the Ocean Ginats – Croc, Orcas and Polar bear too…Leopard seal and Snow Leopard…

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