Jeffreys Bay
Spate of house breakings in Jeffreys Bay

There has been a surge of house breakings in Jeffreys Bay this week, with reports of houses being broken into in the normally crime free suburb of Aston Bay.

Despite a quick response from a security company, the Police as well as the Neighbourhood Watch the suspects managed to escape into the bushes surrounding Aston Bay after breaking into two homes.

A young man was felt traumatised after being held up by a knife wielding intruder in Diaz Road yesterday morning.

“At 09:30 my son was woken up and held up in his bedroom by a black/ coloured man, bald (shaven) head wearing a blue/ grey tracksuit top, reported Cassandra Camons.

The man had a screwdriver or knife which he used to threaten my son. He spoke Afrikaans and demanded valuables.

He took money and 2 watches. He wiped his prints off everything he touched.

He locked my son in his room before taking off. He used a rake to first get my dogs into my bedroom, closed them in, before entering my son’s room.”

All crime incidents can be reported to JBay News via

Incidents must also be reported to the Jeffreys Bay Police.

truewan Feb 2016

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