Shoot-out at Waterkloof complex ‘like a warzone’

A shoot-out at a complex in Waterkloof, Gauteng on Tuesday morning left an attempted robber and a security guard dead, police said.

crime scene

Warrant Officer Hero Gumbu said a group of five men entered a home at the Waterkloof Junction complex at around 02:00 while the owner of the house was sleeping.

Two of the men went into her bedroom and bound her hands with cable ties.

The woman’s son then jumped out from the first floor of the building and tried to raise the alarm with neighbours before calling a local security company. When they arrived a shoot-out ensued.

35 spent cartridges

“When they came, it was like a warzone. Thirty-five [spent] cartridges were found on the scene,” Gumbu said.

“One security guard and one suspect died on the scene.”

One suspect, who was shot in the groin and the leg, was taken to the Tembisa hospital, while the other three suspects ran away.

A first responder, who asked not to be named, said there had been a “hail of bullets”.

“A young boy had been woken by the sound of five men moving around in the house. He had called Bull Security who sent two reaction officers to the home. When they arrived the suspects inside opened fire on them,” he said.

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Returned fire

“The guards returned fire and one worked his way around to the back of the house where he ran into a suspect. The suspect fired on him and he responded, shooting the robber in the chest and head.

“The other reaction officer was hit in the stomach just below his bullet proof vest and he later died as a result of his injuries. He had used all fifteen rounds in his magazine and had nothing left,” the source said.

Gumbu said two guns were found with the serial numbers filed off.

The woman and her son were not injured in the incident.

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