Tattered lives, ideals and plastic redemptions

Jump the barricades at dawns first light

Where are our tv dinners of slaughtered lives and remote controls

plugged into new elections to slow our electrocutions

Every game has an element of death

Where do you hang the crosses to get the best light

Search on

Curious and mystified, beyond now the barricades an endless night

Lets shed our clothes and dance in forests of life beyond now the city’s watchful eyes

They roll up the sidewalks early around these parts to concrete delights

Let us leave the shattered shop windows for others that need mirrors

Stretch out your arms, raise up your eyes

Stars above, a movable mobile cascading into infinity

Trip the heart and beat once more,

Sing the songs of distant thunder under a canopy of tangible wonder,

And know that you are one among many

That search on.

Written by: Marla Patty

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