Jeffreys Bay
Photo of the day – chokka fishermen at sea

The chokka fleet is back to sea and local photographer Stan Blumberg captured this unique image of the fishermen catching chokka.

Squid/chokka is only caught by means of a hand line attached to a special coloured lead jig (with a multi hooked head) and coloured plastic floats.

The two dollies (one lead jig and one floater) are connected to about 50m of 22 kg fishing line, wound around a piece of wood, giving the fisherman something to controls the line with.

Crew can catch with two lines at a time, but experienced crew can manage up to four lines at once.

The squid/chokka is caught on the sea bed, but most of the times can be caught just a few metres below the surface, when they are in a feeding frenzy.

At this rate catches of up to 5 ton can be caught in a few hours with a crew of between 21 and 26 men per vessel.

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