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Panayiotou’s second bail application denied

29 July 2015

Christopher Panayiotou will remain behind bars as he was denied bail in the Grahamstown High Court yesterday.

chris panayiotou

Judge Glenn Goosen agreed with Magistrate Abigail Beeton when she found that there was a “real risk” that Christopher Panayiotou would not stand trial if he was to be released on bail.

He lodged the appeal in the higher court after he was denied bail by Beeton in June.

Goosen said in his judgement that Beeton did not misdirect herself in finding that there was a likelihood that Panayiotou would tamper with evidence or interfere with witnesses should he be released on bail.

He found that there was a strong case against Panyiotou, which would increase the likelihood to evade his trial.

Goosen also supports Beeton’s finding that it was extraordinary for Panayiotou’s defence not to disclose his Cypriot citizenship.

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In his conclusion Goosen states that he did not agree that Beeton set the standard impossibly high in her application of the test for exceptional circumstances.

Panayiotou again argued that conditions in jail are degrading as inmates are forced to use the toilet in front of each other.

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