Law Enforcement Officer honoured by Kouga Municipality

He takes no nonsense from those breaking the law but at the same time Dehan Du Bruyn treats the community of Kouga with respect and lives up to the motto of protecting and serving.

His dedication to duty has been recognised by his employee, Kouga Municipality as well as the Aston Bay Neighbourhood Watch who both awarded the young law enforcement office with certificates of appreciation.

Speaker of Council Brenton Williams said that he wished to thank Du Bruyn for his dedication and commitment to the residents of Kouga.

“You are truly serving the community of Kouga and playing your part in Keeping Kouga Safe.

I received the following word of thanks from the Aston Bay Neighbourhood Watch,” said Williams:

“On behalf of the Aston Bay Neighbourhood Watch, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dehan De Bruyn from Kouga Law Enforcement for his dedication, loyalty and commitment to us as a Neighbourhood Watch.

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He always assists us in a positive manner when requested by the Neighbourhood Watch to solve several incidents where Law Enforcement Officers have been required.

He is a great Asset to the Kouga Municipality in respect of his attitude, character and manners towards the community.

We do appreciate his dedication in his work.”

Dehan is a body builder in his spare time and will be entering his first competition soon.

Picture: Community Services Director Nomvulo Matchelesi with Dehan Du Bruyn.

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