Day Zero pushed back to Mid June

Day Zero for the drought-stricken Kouga has been pushed back to mid-June this year.

“The recent rainfall has helped pushed back the date, which was initially set for May 31,” said Kouga Executive Mayor, Horatio Hendricks.

“We cannot afford to slow down when the estimated Day Zero date moves out, simply because we cannot accurately predict the volume of rainfall still to come or when it will come,” said Hendricks.

“It is essential that we continue to sustain our combined efforts of keeping water usage low, because that will assist us in defeating Day Zero – the day the municipality will be forced to shut off taps and residents will need to line up at water distribution points.

“We urge residents to use no more than 25l of water per person per day.”

According to Hendricks, the Kouga region are using 18Ml of water per day, of which 12Ml from the Churchill Dam will be lost when the dam runs dry – leaving the area with only 6Ml of water per day from boreholes.

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Jeffreys Bay residents are currently using 8.2Ml of water per day – with residents from Aston Bay, Pellsrus, C-Place and Ocean View using over 4Ml of water.

“Water usage should be cut back immediately in these areas,” said Hendricks.

Furthermore, Humansdorp-residents are using 7.6Ml of water per day, while residents from St Francis Bay have reduced their daily average water consumption from 2.2Ml to 1.8Ml.

“Thank you to all residents who are saving water, we really appreciate it,” said Hendricks.

“Together we can push back Day Zero.”

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