Parents shut down Humansdorp Secondary School

Ongoing gangsterism, fights at school and eight classes without teachers are some of the reasons why Humansdorp Secondary School will not to open to students today.

Having the electricity cut on Tuesday due to non payment by the Department of Education was the final nail in the coffin for frustrated parents of Humansdorp.

Over 200 parents met at the school on Monday morning after deciding that enough was enough and that the current situation at Humansdorp Secondary could no longer continue.

At this meeting it was decided that parents would work in shifts at the school to protect their children from gangsters and the ongoing violence at the school.

The first shift would be in the morning and the second shift would take place at breaktime in the quest to take back their school.

However, the non payment of the Municipal electricity and water bill and the subsequent cutting of services, as well as a shortage of teachers at the school led to the decision to close Humansdorp Secondary until further notice.

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In a letter sent out yesterday by the School Governing Body (SGB ) it was stated that the School will be shut down until further notice.

The letter states that the Department of Education was given until 26 April to sort out the issue of teachers who are still awaiting their appointment letters and this deadline has been missed.

There has been lots of support for the move by parents as well as old students of Humansdorp Secondary School, who are all concerned about the ongoing crises at the School.

It is understood that more than one school in Kouga is behind on their municipal services bill and that the Department of Education is responsible for payment.