Has Kouga entered the 5th Covid Wave

There are 39 active cases of Covid in the Kouga region, with the majority being in Jeffreys Bay.

The total number of cases in March was was 54, with the total number so far in April is 76, which may indicate that Kouga is in the beginning stage of the 5th wave.

Yesterday, the NICD reported that 19,325 tests were conducted in the previous 24 hours, with 3,222 new cases, which represents a 16.7% positivity rate.

A total of 29 331 active cases in South Africa was also reported by NICD.

The majority of new cases were reported in Gauteng (1 727) followed by Kwa Zulu Natal (818) and the Western Cape (313).

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58 new cases were reported in the Eastern Cape with 4 cases coming from the Kouga Region.

The hotspots in Kouga are: Jeffreys Bay Central (17 cases) Paradise Beach (5 cases) and Humansdorp town (5 cases).

Nobody is currently hospitalized due to Covid in the wider Kouga region.

40,4 % of Kouga residents are vaccinated at this stage according to the Department of Health.

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