Apps Every South African Must Have

The locals of Mzansi are an inventive bunch of people. Therefore, there is a great amount of excellent mobile apps intended to simplify life here.

Today, one can quickly browse essential apps that will help you to your destinations to entertaining gambling apps that are capable of showing a range of the licensed bookmakers in the country.

In this feature we look at a host of apps that have been thought of to be undeniably important.


Namola is a debauched, unpretentious means to acquire the help you require as speedily as possible in a crisis situation.

By pressing on one button, the user of this app will be connected to a call centre who will return your call shortly in order to notify you of the exact assistance needed. This will be in the form of the nearest police, paramedics or other emergency services.

In addition, as many as five emergency contacts will be notified that you have required help and will be provided with your location. These contacts are also able to contact the call centre to be brought up-to-date on your situation.


Those who enjoy indulging in the best liquor on offer will appreciate this nifty app. Bottles is an unpretentious idea which has been implemented quite well for those who need alcohol. 

Simply log into the app, request your order and it will be delivered to you within an hour. 

Save yourself from making an unnecessary trip to the bottle store, and enjoy braais, sports matches or parties with an overflow of booze.

Moya Messenger

Moya Messenger is a fresh mobile messaging app that allows users to communicate without drumming up data costs. This comes with the condition that they don’t send any attachments and are willing to be exposed to advertising.

The Moya app lets its users message each other without the need of airtime or data balances on their smartphones. 

Moya also provides unlimited texting, group chat, and end-to-end security with automatic encryption of all messages.


Eskom is not always aware of when or how it will implement its much loathed load-shedding.

Despite this, the EskomSePush app will bring you up to speed on precisely when the country, or some of its provinces, will be without electricity.


For those who relish in the big city life, Snapscan is to be expected as a part of your everyday existence. Being useful for payments, for the most part in markets and growing businesses, this app is the way forward. 

Snapscan is fast, supports credit and debit cards and is currently accepted by thousands of wholesalers in South Africa. It integrates leading-edge scam protection technology, making it a laid back, safe and important app for buying and selling.


Considering the multiple unfortunate occurrences and crises occurring in South Africa, MiBlackBox is a picture-perfect app for a person who wants to record an event for forthcoming referencing or evidence.

By touching one button, this app is able to record sounds, phone calls and videos while uploading them to a cloud server. Regardless of what happens to the phone the recordings will all be safe.