Technology to Help Travelling to South Africa

Microsoft tech tycoon, Bill Gates has been quoted as saying that “the advance of technology is based on ‘making it fit in’ so that you don’t really even notice it, so it’s part of everyday life”.

This couldn’t have been further from the truth when you consider the direction in which travel technology has been going. Modern day technology has developed a sense of suave, becoming instinctual but somewhat hidden behind the curtain when it comes to travelling.

Previously, clienteles and patrons did not essentially bare much thought to technology, or how it works. As long as it does so without much effort.

With the steady recovery of travel businesses, a great many in the industry are taking up numerous technological means to help them get back on the road with self-reliance. 

This comprises facets such as stress-free access to information regarding instant alerts and travel updates, accessible communication channels as well as AI-modified booking systems.

The following feature aids as a local resource for South African bettors and foreigners who would like to try their luck all over the country

Real-Time Traveller Tracking

You can anticipate noteworthy progressions in real-time traveller tracking, together with combined risk supervision tools and tailor fashioned safety dashboards that will allow bookers to know where all their travellers are instantly.

Additionally, this will help manage their return should this be needed.

Touchless Tech and Contactless Check-ins

A vast majority of contemporary technological progressions are focussed on contactless check-ins, checkouts and payments.

This removes undesirable contact and annoying logjams and increases the scale of efficiency of the business. 

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Similarly, there is the expectation of upgraded biometrics similar to fingerprint and facial identification as well as retina scanning to be presented to ease the flow of travellers at airports.

Some of the latest technological developments let passengers use their face as a boarding pass, decreasing the requirement for physical contact as the passenger moves through the airport.

In other countries such as New Zealand, the use of “eGates” has been implemented at airports situated in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown that use biometrics to tie the picture of your face in an ePassport with the picture it takes of you at the entrance.

Chatbots and Support 

Travel apps have evolved significantly, and the best apps now syndicate proactive alerts, with colloquial Chabot assistance in addition to 24-hour, human support. 

A fully fledged travel app needs to be an essential tool for anyone on the road. This should be coupled with instant alerts if flight times, boarding gates and baggage collection details change.

The above mentioned can be verified through the use of a capable chat bot or having the ability to be referred to a human being for manual searches at any time of day or night. 


The majority of technological advancements appear to be aimed at providing travellers with a safe and quick experience to get to their destinations.

With this in mind, both booking agents, hosts and ways of travel have done their best at accompanying these developments for peace of mind on both sides of the spectrum.