Every Wall deserves a Joey Nel printed Photo

We are truly blessed with an abundance of talent in Jeffreys Bay.

Our local professional land and seascape photographer, Joey Nel, has been residing here for the past 20 years.

Her iconic and popular photographs of our amazing coastline and beaches adorn many walls all over South Africa and international.

She loves Jbay as she loves photography and is a true ambassador for our town. She travel every so often to different and distant destinations on photographic tours, safaris and classes to keep pushing her talent and skills to different levels.

Joey produces the most amazing panoramic pictures, an difficult art and technique, whereby she “stitches” up to 18 consecutive shots into an amazing panoramic view of an area…..showing the whole as the eye would see.

Last year, after attending a Masterclass seascape technique workshop with two of our master photographers Hougaard Malan and Martin Osner, she contracted the dreaded Covid disease and was extremely ill, so much so that medici feared for her life.

Thankfully she pulled through but is still suffering from long term Covid affects. Apart from this, she has also been suffering for a very long time of inflamed sciatic and back causing her extreme pain and discomfort, even though she has had a couple of medical treatment procedures for it.

Whilst all this would keep any sane person from extreme activity, not our Joey, she would scour the highest Namibian dunes and driest deserts, dusty Kgalagadi and Botswana game parks, freezing Drakensberg streams and waterfalls, rough South African coastlines in search of the perfect shots that will bring joy to nature lovers.

If you take beach walks at dusk or dawn and see a wet lady risking her life and equipment on the rocks, then you have passed our talented Joey Nel in search of her next iconic photo.

Her photographs are on display at various restaurants and you can follow her on facebook at Joey Nel Photography.

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Please support her by ordering her prints so that she can continue her passion and bring joy to our lives. Prints can be ordered via her Facebook page or email: [email protected]

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