Photo of the day – Paradise Beach Pier

Local photographer Clive Wright captured this magnificent image of the old Pier at Paradise Beach.

The image elicited this reponse from Pieter Venter about the history of the Pier.

“The pier was built in the very early days of Paradise Beach’s development. The first time I fished off the pier was in December 1969 – my first visit to Paradise Beach. We used to fish to the St Francis Bay side off the pier into a gully then known as “Shark Alley”.

We lost many of our catches to sharks – your line would suddenly go slack and upon reeling in, you found only a fish’s head on the hook. If I remember correctly, the pier was destroyed by a storm and very high seas in August 1991 when the Oceanos also sank near Coffee Bay.

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On the day the Oceanos sank, Paradise Beach was lashed by severe wind, rain and huge waves.

The causeway was destroyed, the feral swans that lived on the Seekoeiriver for many years, were washed out to sea and never seen again, the flamingo nests in the Seekoei River were destroyed never to be re-established again and the swimming pool and playground on the Aston Bay side of the lagoon were destroyed.”