Kouga adjustment budget highlights stability in DA governments

The adjustments budget of the Kouga municipality, that was approved by council on 28 February, highlights the stability and prosperity that can be expected under a DA majority government.

In spite of the difficult economic circumstances in South Africa, the Kouga municipality, under the leadership of Executive Mayor, DA Cllr Horatio Hendricks, has adopted an adjustment budget which highlights how good and prudent financial management can turn the fortunes of a municipality around.

The 2021/22 Adjustment Budget amounts to R1,204 billion, comprising of R1,113 billion for the Operating Budget, and R91,341 million for the Capital Budget.

The Operating Adjustment Budget reflects an increase of R36,542 million (3.40%), compared to the approved 2021/22 Operating Budget of R1,076 billion, whilst the Capital Adjustment Budget reflects an increase of R11,382 million (14.23%), compared to the approved budget of R79,959 million.

The budget surplus for the financial year has increased to more than R15 million.

The budget assumption for debt collection has increased from 93% to 94%. The municipality is, therefore, collecting more money than previously indicated.

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Residents are paying for services, and this is an indication of the faith that they have in the municipality.

“In most of the ANC-governed municipalities across the Eastern Cape, budgets had to be adjusted downwards as they were unable to collect their debt.

The municipality also increased the provision for electricity revenue, which means that technical and non-technical losses are not on the increase.

Water revenue was adjusted downwards, which means that even in a drought situation, the municipality is not making money off consumers, even in the issuing of penalties.

The municipality is turning the tide in efforts to reduce water consumption,” said Retief Odendaal, the DA Tsitsi Kouga Constituency leader.

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