Why do we have such rich Flora in Cape St Francis?

Professor Richard Cowling is to give a talk on “Why we have such rich flora in this area” at the FOSTER AGM on 3rd of March at 18h00 at the Cape St Francis Resort.

All are welcome and you do not need to be a member to attend the AGM.

FOSTER has completed some important projects such as the Two Bay Trail, a new website and the alien plant removal project.

This was in addition to the ongoing reserve maintenance, as those who use the trails for walking and cycling will be able to attest to. With the help of Working on Fire, FOSTER was also able to do a lot of work on fire breaks which will help protect properties and life when the next fire breaks out.

The details and plans for 2022 will be covered at the AGM which will be held at the Cape St Francis Resort on 3rd March at 18h00. This will be the first live AGM since COVID started.

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All members and supporters are urged to attend. Nominations from the community for committee members are most welcome for people with an interest in conservation and preserving the reserves in our area.

FOSTER wants to continue maintaining and improving our four reserves and that takes funding, in part sourced by the fees paid by their members.

Details to be found at www.foster.org.za

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