Food Lovers Market infuriates Jeffreys Bay customers

A change in the exit point at the Food Lovers Market in Jeffreys Bay in early December infuriated many of their elderly customers who were caught by surprize by the sudden change as to where they could leave the shop after having purchased their groceries.

The heavy handed approach by the management of Food Lovers Market in implemeted the change is what really angered customers when they tried to exit the shop at the Equinox Mall car park.

This exit leads directly into the car park, where many elderly people found it convenient to park their cars and to do their shopping at Food Lovers Market.

“We have had to close the second exit due to constant theft in the store. As a business, our policy is not to search our customers as they leave the store in order to facilitate a seamless exit from the store.

In order to minimise the high levels of theft we have experienced and to safeguard our business, we have been left with no option but to close the second exit,” said Jean Harkett from Food Lovers Market in a statement which was received weeks after being queried by JBay News.

The closure of the second exit could have been better communicated with customers, who could have changed where they park at the Mall and should this have happened, it would have probably led to less anger from the customers.

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“They would not allow my 88 year old mother out that door made her walk round through mall checkers way. She asked if someone could just escort her with till slip and called manager but he said no its the new rule,” said Charen De Villiers van Kraayenburg on Facebook.

“I am complaining already for a long time about this mistake. Please, I like your shop, but make sure people do not have to walk that far with their trolley full etc,” said Dette van den Boogaard.

“We apologise for the lack of communication and, in hindsight, we realise we could have managed it better to avoid the confusion,” added Harkett, the Food Lover’s Market spokesperson.

Photo: Pexels

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