Why People Choose iPhones Over Androids

The smartphone industry is evolving rapidly with each successive year and this year, the mobile technology industry seems to have some new things in store.

A lot of people are wondering why they would choose an iPhone over an Android device? This article will give you a clear answer on this matter.

Here’s what you need to know about choosing Android or iPhone for yourself.

iPhone Has a Superior Quality Control System Than Google

Apple is considered one of the most reputable companies around and their products tend to be very well-designed and built. In addition, Apple devices usually last longer due to a better design that adds durability to your phone while ensuring it works as intended throughout its life cycle.

Apple also keeps its phones up-to-date and offers great customer support so there should never be any problems with your iOS phone even if something goes wrong.

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More Apps Available for iPhone

Apple makes more apps available. There are at least 10 times more number of applications for the iPhone compared to Android and sometimes these applications can perform tasks easier than those offered by Google.

For example, when making a movie, you don’t need to download different software programs since most movies creation can easily be done via YouTube and other applications provided by Apple.

iOS Devices are Cheaper Than the Android Ones

Because Apple doesn’t focus on developing hardware like Samsung does, the prices for iPhones are much lower than those provided by the big manufacturers.

If you buy an iPhone X instead of a Galaxy S9+, the price difference isn’t really significant but it’s still a little bit higher than Android alternatives


If you want to save money, then get an iPhone.

Not only do you get a whole lot of free content from the App Store, but you won’t spend as much money on accessories either. You’re basically getting the same functionality with just half the overall cost.

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