Surfing Supertubes with Dylan Lightfoot

Local surfer Dylan Lighfoot has teamed up withfilmaker Chris Rogers to bring us a never before seen view of surfing Supertubes.

Jeffreys Bay is the surf capital of South Africa and has been regarded as the best right hand point break in the world since Supertubes was discovered in the 1960’s.

Not only is Jeffreys Bay home to local surfers like Lightfoot and current World Championship Tour (WCT) competitor Matt McGillivray, but we also host the Corona Open JBay, a WCT event that will take place in July this year.

JBay New caught up with Dylan and he explains how this unique video of surfing Supertubes took place.

“At the beginning of 2020, Chris Rogers and I planned to do a trip to Indonesia but unfortunately COVID 19 put an end to the endeavour.

We decided to produce a video in Jeffreys Bay and combine our expertise on local shores. Chris drove from Cape Town on every swell that looked like it had potential on the forecast.

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The weather and the wave conditions had to be perfect in order to shoot the angles we wanted, this became quite a tricky endeavour waiting for these conditions to line up.

We wanted give people (surfers and non-surfers) a different perspective of what it feels like to be surfing in Jeffreys Bay and we hope that the result of what Chris and I have put together can give that experience.”

Watch a new and fresh perspective of Dylan surfing Supertubes: