Big Perlemoen bust in Aston Bay

Great teamwork between the Jeffreys Bay Police and Dark Water Ops resulted in 950 units of Perlemoen (abalone) being recovered in Aston Bay yesterday.

The Jeffreys Bay Stock Theft Unit received information about a large group of about 40 abalone poachers targeting Aston Bay.

Dark Water Ops was asked to assist in the planning and execution of an operation targeting this syndicate.

Plans were set in place, and observation duties started on Thursday evening around 22:00.

About 40 suspects with bags were dropped off, who then made their way through the bushes onto the Aston Bay beach.

“We did surveillance on the group, and at about 02:30 on Friday morning, we saw the divers bringing bags of abalone out of the water.

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We decided to bottle neck them at the pick-up point. As soon as they loaded the bags and started driving off, we moved in and stopped the vehicles.

Multiple suspects were arrested while some ran back to the beach, some of whom were also arrested.

In total 10 suspects were arrested, 2 vehicles confiscated, 30 sets of dive gear confiscated, and 950 units of abalone confiscated. The total value amounts to approximately R 691 000,” said Dark Water Ops in a statement.

The suspects were charged under the Marine Living Resources Act and will appear in the Court soon.

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