Set yourself up for healthy-eating success with meal prepping

For many of us, health and wellness are at the top of the list when it comes to New Year’s resolutions. But you might be slightly unsure about how you’ll be tackling those resolutions when it’s time to head back to work or back to school.

With meal prepping, following through with your healthy eating goals has never been so easy.

What’s it all about?

Meal prepping is a super helpful way to establish the habit of choosing more nutritious meals, so you don’t need to make unplanned and convenience-based decisions when you’re stressed, hungry, or exhausted. In those cases, the chances are you’ll reach for something carb-heavy and sugary.

Preparing meals ahead of time so that they’re packed and ready to eat when your cravings kick in or the hunger pangs hit is particularly effective for those of us with tight work schedules, or for busy moms and dads who’re doing it to save time and make sure kids are eating healthily.

Start with a clear plan

Kickstart your healthy lifestyle by researching and saving a few yummy and healthy recipes your family won’t be able to resist. Next, write out your meals for the week and assign specific days to specific foods.

Planning every step of your healthy eating journey keeps you focussed and simplifies the decision-making process for the rest of the week. You could even use a daily planner or calendar to schedule your meals and stay organised, making it easier and less time consuming to create a shopping list. Bonus!

Prepping cooked rice, roasted or steamed veg and some grilled chicken (all which can be done in the LG NeoChef Convection) or other protein are building block to simple, healthy and nutritious meals for lunch or supper. These become quick bowls, power salads or quick sandwiches or quesadillas.

Grated cheese, cut fruit and veggies and some dips can be quick snacks that anyone can help themselves to.

Packing your refrigerator in an organised way, using all the baskets and storage options allows your family to grab and go when on the run, or give your little ones some independence to help themselves when you are otherwise occupied.

Challenge yourself

By planning and cooking make-ahead meals, you’ll not only be eating mindfully, you’re also bound to save time and money. Your refrigerator and microwave play essential roles here to keep your prepped ingredients fresh throughout the week, and to warm at dinner time.

Here’s a delicious, super speedy recipe to add to your meal prep arsenal. This trout and veggie dish is easy and healthy, and it takes just 5 minutes to cook in your LG NeoChef microwave. What’s not to love?

Trout and veggie dish


10g butter
250g trout steak
Salt and pepper to taste
1 tablespoon lemon juice
50g frozen mixed vegetables (Weight Range: 0.3kg, Microwave-safe bowl)

There are two methods for creating this tasty dish in the LG NeoChef:

Auto cook
Use Popular Menu No.6
1. Brush parchment paper with melted butter.
2. Season the trout with salt, pepper and lemon juice.
3. Cover trout and vegetables with parchment paper and place on a dish.
4. Place food in the oven. On the microwave menu, press ‘Start’ to cook.

Manual cook

1. Brush parchment paper with melted butter.
2. Season the trout with salt, pepper and lemon juice.
3. Put seasoned trout and frozen vegetables on parchment paper and cover.
4. Put food in the oven, and microwave on 700w for 4–5min.

With LG’s NeoChef on your side and our meal prepping tips, you’ll be able to prepare and cook healthy meals in a flash.

LG’s Smart Inverter technology gives you the precise temperature control you need to reheat and defrost a wide range of foods, and cook a variety of dishes in a fraction of the time they would take in a regular oven.