Register online to choose how you get counted in Census 2022

South Africa will be conducting a population census in February 2022.

Households can choose to complete the census questionnaire online or telephonically if they do not wish to be interviewed by a fieldworker at their house.

Households that prefer completing the questionnaire online or telephonically must register to do so by 15 January 2022. Registration is data free.

Those who would prefer a fieldworker to visit them can also register online.

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Fieldworkers will visit households that register to be visited by a fieldworker, those who don’t complete the online questionnaire as well as those that did not register.

Respondents should register on getcounted.statssa.gov.za or by contacting the call centre on 0800 110 248. Only registration is necessary for now. The questionnaire does not yet need to be completed.

More info at: http://census.statssa.gov.za/

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