No Illegal camping allowed in Kouga on New Year’s Eve and new Year

Residents and holidaymakers who plan on pitching tents illegally along Kouga’s beachfront, streets and at picnic spots on New Year’s Eve and New Year will be in for a nasty surprise this year.

The town’s law enforcers have adopted a zero-tolerance approach to illegal camping, which is a big problem particularly this time of the year.

Pitching tents in public open spaces, including picnic areas, the street and beaches, are prohibited.

Kouga Municipality has put in place extra measures to ensure that these areas would not be transformed into impromptu camp sites by visitors.

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The public open space (picnic area) at Pellsrus will be closed to vehicles on Friday, December 31.

All public picnic areas must be vacated at 20:00 on Friday, December 31 and on Saturday, January 1, 2022.

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