What you need to know about the Marina Mile

The Hitech Gregfor PE Marina Mile takes place tomorrow in the iconic canals of Marina Martinique.

The Marina Mile is one of those bucket list events that attracts competitive as well as social swimmers and is regarded as a premier event on the Jeffreys Bay December holiday programme.

Here are some things you may not know about the Marina Mile, which is being sponsored by Hitech Gregfor PE in 2021 with some awesome prizes on offer.

There are many more events than just the Mile.

Swimmers from as young as 5 years old are catered for in the bank to bank swim. The event is about 45 m and only swimmers of 10 years and under may participate.

This is the perfect swim for youngsters who want to swim in open water but may still be a bit fearful. Lifeguards and some older swimmers accompany the little ones and every one of them is guaranteed a prize.

The bank to bank swim takes place at 11.30 am and entries can be done online Late entries are accepted on the day but must be done before 11 am.

There is a Half Mile as well

Not sure you are capable or fit enough to tackle the Marina Mile? Then the Half Mile is the perfect event to test yourself in open water. The Half Mile starts at 10.30 and online entries can be done here

The Double Mile

Many swimmers want to experience a full day of swimming and enter both the Marina Mile as well as the Double Mile.

Two loops of the canals of Marina Martinique will test fitness, speed and capability in open water and the Double Mile is also very popular with Tri-athletes and Iron Men who are building up to their events in 2022.

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Test yourself by entering here The Double Mile starts at 08:45 am  and late entries are open until 08:15 am. Hitech Gregfor PE is sponsoring awesome cash prizes in this event.

The Hitech Gregfor Marina Mile

The premier event takes to the water at 12 PM and late entries close at 11.30 am. It is best to enter online before the event and that can be done here

The Men’s event has been dominated over the past few years by Pretoria based swimmer Hendre Louw while the women’s event has been won by St Francis Bay swimmer Amike de Jager recently.

Amike follows in the footsteps of legendary open water swimmers Velia Van Jan Rensburg and Olympian Jessica Roux.

There are cash prizes for the top finishers in the Marina Mile, compliments of sponsor Hitech Gregfor PE.

Weather conditions are looking good for swimmers tomorrow with clouds and very little wind being expected.

Enter online here


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