Dont steal the NSRI Pink Rescue Buoys

The NSRI has appealed to the public to refrain from removing the Pink Rescue Buoys from their stands, and to also immediately report it to their Jeffreys Bay emergency number 079 916 0390 if someone is seen with a Pink Rescue Buoy.

There is nothing gutsy, heroic or funny about removing these lifesaving device and they cost quite a bit of donor money to replace.

Buoys are replaced, with cost and effort from the NSRI volunteer crew.

If someone drowns because one of the pink rescue buoys are not readily available during an incident, that person’s life can never be replaced.

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By stealing a rescue buoy, you could be causing someone’s death.

“We’ve had several successful rescues with these in Jeffreys Bay, and it has saved 81 lives across the country since being rolled out,” said the NSRI in a statement.

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