Poachers removed from Kabeljous Nature Reserve

Members of the public alerted Kabeljous Reserve Action Group (KRAG)volunteers yesterday morning about illegal gill nets in the Kabeljous lagoon bordering the reserve.

With the help of the Jeffreys Bay police and a sea fisheries official the nets were confiscated and the poachers were removed from the area.

“Thank you for this valuable information that helps to keep our reserve and surrounding area safe,” said KRAG on their facebook page.

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The Kabeljous Reserve is well worth a visit and is home to bushbuck, duiker, bushpig, grysbok, caracal, mongoose and even 100 species of birds.

KRAG is a registered Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) that relies on public donations and volunteer workers to help maintain the Kabeljous Nature Reserve and make it accessible for everyone to enjoy.

Consider supporting KRAG by joining the KRAG Volunteers or by making a donation. Donations can be made via KRAG’s SnapScan Click-to-Pay Link https://pos.snapscan.io/qr/mGmbj9vz ; via KRAG’s SnapScan QR-Code ; or via an EFT payment (see bank details below).
Alternatively, there is also a donation-box at the reserve’s main entrance. All donations are used to help maintain the Kabeljous Nature Reserve for the public to enjoy.
KRAG Bank Details –
Bank name: ABSA
Branch code: 632005
Account name: KRAG
Account number: 4096986749

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