Submit your meter readings via email

Kouga residents can now submit their water and electricity meter readings on a monthly basis via email to Kouga Municipality.

Kouga Finance Portfolio Councillor, Willem Gertenbach, said that residents who choose this option will be billed on their actual readings.

“When residents submit their self-read meter readings to Kouga Municipality, they have peace of mind that their account is accurate, and they will immediately see when their electricity or water expenditure goes up,” said Gertenbach.

“This way they can better manage their account, keep their account low and control how much they use – paying only for what they have used.”

Readings, taken on the same day as indicated on their previous municipal account, must be sent to [email protected], with the subject clearly indicated as “Meter Readings”.

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The following information must be included:
 Account number
 Date of meter reading
 Meter reading
 Photo of meter reading
 Contact number

“Meter readings submitted without a clear photo displaying the readings and meter number will not be recorded and readings will subsequently be estimated,” said Gertenbach.

For more information, send an email to Wilma le Roux at [email protected]

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