Upgrade your Electricity Meter to be in the dark

Kouga Municipality is set to upgrade all prepaid electricity meters’ software across the region – changing the meter coding to ensure that all encryption key numbers are reset before the October 2024 deadline.

They will also inspect the meters for the correct functioning of the meters and any meter irregularities.

This after the municipality afforded a one-time amnesty for residents whose electricity meters are faulty, not sealed or illegally connected (by-passed) earlier this year.

“When the current prepaid meter software expires in 2024, any meter which has not been recoded will be unable to upload prepaid tokens, resulting in residents without electricity supply,” said newly elected Kouga Infrastructure and Engineering Portfolio Councillor, Lorraine Maree.

According to Maree, the project – which will see the inspection of close to 17 000 prepaid meters – will be conducted on a door-to-door basis by Kouga Municipality employees.

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“Only approved, trained and competent technicians with proper identity cards will visit homes and businesses,” said Maree. “Access should only be granted to employees who display their identity cards.

“We assure residents that COVID-19 regulations will be strictly adhered to – including sanitising before and after entering homes or business premises.”

Kouga Municipality employees will visit residences and business during office hours on weekdays. Where it is not possible to grant them access during these hours, appointments can be made to conduct the meter upgrade after hours.

Maree said this project will not only address meter challenges encountered by customers, but it will also ensure that the municipality has accurate customer meter data,” said Maree.

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