DA remains resilient in the Eastern Cape

The DA in the Eastern Cape remains resilient in the face of emerging political trends, which have led to a 6% decline in support for the ANC in the province.

In 2019 the DA got 15.73% of the provincial vote, and in 2021 we achieved 15.25%, while the ANC got 68.74% in 2019 and in 2021 declined by 6% to 62.94%.

This result proves that the ANC is in decline and indicates that it is possible to bring them under 50% in the Eastern Cape in 2024.

“The DA is pleased to have retained our majority in the Kouga Municipality, while in Nelson Mandela Bay, the DA remains the largest party. In the Dr Beyers Naude Municipality, the DA has brought the ANC under 50%, which presents an opportunity for a coalition government,” said DA Provincial Chairperson Andrew Wtitfield.

An emerging political trend in the Eastern Cape is the DAโ€™s ability to win wards from the ANC. This trend began in 2018 when the DA won Ward 3 in the Walter Sisulu Municipality from the ANC and Ward 11 in the same municipality in 2020.

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In this 2021 local government election, the DA has won a number of wards from the ANC in the Inxuba Yethemba Municipality, Blue Crane Route Municipality, Kouga Municipality, Buffalo City and Nelson Mandela Bay.

“We have noted the emergence of smaller niche parties who have made inroads across the country, and that trend has followed in Nelson Mandela Bay. We have learned key lessons from the outcome but remain committed to our core principles and values, which will guide our next steps as we work towards an arrangement that puts the people of NMB first.

The DA in the Eastern Cape is on track to bring the ANC under 50% by 2024 so that the realignment of politics in the Eastern Cape can begin.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the people of the Eastern Cape who placed their trust in the DA and especially the heroic efforts of those who stood in queues past midnight in Nelson Mandela Bay,” added Whitfield.

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