Improving the state of Provincial roads in Kouga

In an effort to improve the state of provincial roads, the DA led Kouga Municipality has prioritised the repair of potholes on specific provincial roads in the region – although it is the mandate of the Provincial Department of Roads.

Pothole repairs to take place on provincial roads, include Da Gama Road, St Francis Street and the R102.

“These three roads are provincial roads and therefore it is the responsibility of the Provincial Department of Roads to repair and maintain it,” said Kouga Executive Mayor, Horatio Hendricks. “It is not the responsibility of the local municipality.”

Hendricks said despite numerous formal requests to the Provincial Department of Roads to hand over control of provincial roads in the region, in order for the municipality to have the necessary mandate to repair the roads, no feedback has been received to date.

“However, we deeply care about the safety of our motorists and residents and have decided to repair the potholes on these roads – which have been taking a beating with the recent rain,” said Hendricks.

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“The repair of potholes will not only help to reduce pothole-related road accidents, but it will also decrease insurance claims for damage to vehicles caused by potholes.”

According to Hendricks, it is an ongoing project.

From January this year to date, a total of 206 potholes have been repaired in Da Gama Road, while 198 potholes were filled in St Francis Street. Some 53 potholes have been repaired on the R102 during the same period.

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