Service Delivery is collapsing in South Africa

News24’s recently released out of order index finds that the top 5 best-run municipalities in South Africa are all run by the DA.

Twelve of the top 20 best-run municipalities are DA-run, including Midvaal as the best-performing municipality in Gauteng and Kouga as the best-performing municipality in the Eastern Cape, while 14 of the top 20 best-run municipalities are in Western Cape.

The Democratic Alliance outperformance is even more striking when one considers that the DA runs fewer than 10% of all municipalities in South Africa.

The Out of Order index finds that local service delivery is collapsing under ANC mismanagement, with 107 municipalities classified as dysfunctional.

This number comprises the 64 municipalities classified by CoGTA in August as being delinquent or under administration and a further 43 rated by the index as facing imminent collapse.

Importantly, the study suggests that this crisis on the frontline of delivery is likely to deepen.

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This reveals a stark choice facing voters.

After 1 November, they can either enjoy service delivery under the DA or suffer collapsing delivery under the ANC.

A reliable or patchy water and electricity supply. Well-maintained or potholed roads. A thriving or dying local economy.

“The DA is the only party that can protect citizens from the worst consequences of an ANC collapsing under the weight of cadre deployment, political instability and financial mismanagement, said John Steenhuizen, the leader of the Democratic Alliance.

“On 1 November, vote DA to protect your community from failing service delivery, because only the DA gets things done, added Steenhuizen.