Photo of the day – the beach at Supertubes

This must be one of the most well known boardwalks in the world.

It brings surfers and beach lovers onto the sand at one of the most iconic waves on the planet – Supertubes in Jeffreys Bay.

Famous for the long winding walls that break with speed and power on the rocks lining the beach at Jeffreys Bay, Supertubes is also home to the JBay Open – a World Championship Tour event that brings the world’s best surfers to the world’s best wave.

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The World Surf League will be returning to Jeffreys Bay in 2022 and Supertubes will once again attract thousands of people to the beach to witness the likes of Jordy Smith, Gabriel Medina and JBay local Matt McGillivray take on all comers in an attempt to be crowned King of Supertubes,

This image was taken by Jeffreys Bay photographer Deon Lategan

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