Additional Water Tanks for Hankey

A total of 25 water tanks have been delivered to Hankey to ease water supply challenges due to the ongoing drought effects in the area.

More tanks will be delivered before the end of the month.

“The Kouga region is in the grips of a devastating drought – with the towns of Hankey and Patensie being hit the hardest as they depend completely on the Kouga Dam for potable water,” said Kouga Executive Mayor, Horatio Hendricks.

The level of the dam dropped to below 7% this week, with no significant rainfall predicted for the catchment area over the next few months.

“Even though residents from Patensie will still be able to extract water from the Wolwekloof Dam (balancing dam) and two viable boreholes once the Kouga Dam has run dry, Hankey residents will only have access to borehole water that supplies in 40% of the current daily water consumption,” said Hendricks.

“The DA led Kouga municipality has therefore erected six water points, consisting of four 5 000l water tanks each, in Hankey to ensure residents have access to clean drinking water.

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“The water points, erected at a combined cost of more than R292 000, are in Old Hankey, Phillipsville, Old Stofwolk, Silvertown, Weston and Centerton.

According to Hendricks, an additional R3.6 million will be budgeted for the continued upgrade of the Hankey sanitation system, while another R2.8 million is on the budget for boreholes in Hankey.

“We remind residents that the current water restrictions prohibit the connection of a hose pipe or an irrigation system to taps supplying water from the municipal system,” said Hendricks.

“Pools may not be filled or topped up, and the washing of paved areas, roofs and walls with municipal water are also not allowed.”

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