Political interference suspected behind water outages in Nelson Mandela Bay

The DA is deeply concerned that the water supply to residents of Nelson Mandela Bay have been sabotaged, in what is a deliberate attempt to undermine the municipality.

Residents across the Metro, and more specifically residents from the western suburbs, have had significant water outages in recent weeks.

“Although ageing infrastructure has played a role in the recent water outages, and these have required significant repairs, we also have proof of deliberate interference that has deprived residents of water,” said Morne Steyn, the DA Chief Whip in Nelson Mandela Bay.”

“As of 27 September 2021, there has not been a single drop of water that has been fed into the Chelsea reservoir despite the recent repairs to the burst pipes two days ago. This reservoir feeds water to large parts of the Western suburbs of the Metro.

Officials have confirmed that closed valves are the leading factor for the major water outage across the Metro, which we are led to believe is linked to sabotage.

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The DA strongly rebukes this behaviour as a result of political interference, which has had a detrimental effect on the residents, business and municipal infrastructure.

An in-depth investigation will be conducted as a matter of urgency to ensure that water supply is restored to the residents of the Metro expeditiously and that appropriate sanction is applied to the culprits responsible for this catastrophe.

We want to apologise to residents, who have been forced to bear the brunt of this prolonged water outage and will ensure consequence management is actioned and solutions are sought to prevent such extended outages from occurring in the future,” added Steyn.

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