Make sure you can vote on 1 November

This is a call to action: saving South Africa and ensuring that good service delivery continues in Kouga requires your help.

For a limited time only, you can register ONLINE to vote in the upcoming local government elections. Go to https://check.da.org.za.

You can ONLY vote in the upcoming elections if you are correctly registered at your correct voting station.

Start your online voter registration journey before time is up: https://check.da.org.za.

We all want leadership that works for us and gets things done.

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Your vote will make all the difference!

Current Mayor of Kouga, Horatio Hendricks has been confirmed as the DA Mayoral Candidate for the upcoming elections.

Under DA governance since 2016, residents have seen the turn around in service delivery in all the towns of Kouga, with roads been resealed and upgraded, new water treatment plants being constructed, improved waste collection and the maintenance of public facilities being some of the successes we have seen over the past five years.

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