Gangbusters Surf Magazine Issue 5 Out Now

It has been a difficult few weeks in South Africa. Still, the latest issue of Gangbusters Magazine is a feel-good read of positivity and good vibes if you have some time on your hands.

Our sympathies and strength to those who have had it tough in KZN and Jozi. Also, our thoughts to Jay Lammers, JBay shark attack victim, and former dawn patrol fan. Also, to those of you that are feeling the grips of COVID on you and your loved ones, you have our deepest sympathies.

Part of the reason the magazine was published late was because we had COVID at the HQ. We were lying down quite a lot during production time, holding our heads and moaning a lot. When we weren’t lying down, we took medicine, studied up on drugs and vaccines, and generally lived on aspirin and soup.

That’s all over now, and it’s time to reveal the magazine in all her glory.

Cape Town photographer John Wilkinson snags the cover shot with a sick image of Jordy Maree at Supertubes powering on his backhand.

Wilkinson has the photo showcase in the magazine, with some incredible photos from West Coast and JBay and a few spots in the Boland.

Koa Smith © John Wilkinson

Gangbusters main ou in Durban Dave Lindemann has an excess of crazy images from the weeks of epic surf between the piers as well as a few insane sessions on the coast. So we get to glimpse a few big turns in this issue instead of watching the town locals getting pitted off their heads.

Chad Du Toit © Dave Lindemann

In an interview with Dr Cohen, we learn the basics of dealing with a shark attack and a few guidelines on what to do if you’re trying to assist a victim.

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Not the easiest of subjects, but super-relevant after the excellent medical care that Jay Lammers received from the NSRI and others at JBay during his recent attack. Remember that you can’t call them ‘shark attacks’ anymore. They are now known as ‘negative encounters’ so as not to hurt the sharks’ feelings.

The South African kneeboarding tribe gathered at Seal Point with Gigs Cilliers recently. Their weekend at Kneel Point was, from all accounts, a fabulous weekend filled with fun waves and chilled times.

Gigs likes to get the main legless ous together every year for a low-key get-together and bonding session. This year, it happened to be Cape St Francis with photos by Sean Thompson.

Adam Shapiro © Sean Thompson

“We’re already working on the next issue, and Gangbusters 6 will be the Travel Issue. As more people get vaccinated, and more countries start opening up, there will be plenty of people ready to head out on a surf trip.

Right now, we have the Maldives open and pumping, but more surf destinations will open up soon.

Enjoy the magazine on your phone, tablet, or laptop, and remember that all adverts are clickable. There are some big sales behind those clicks, as well as a few very surprising giveaways.

There are also a number of new videos embedded onto a few of the pages, so look out for them.

The next issue, the Travel Issue, will have a few surprises in it. It already looks like it will be an absolute bumper issue, with much interest around it. Our readership continues to climb.

Thanks for the love, and we have a few new projects coming up that we are sure our readers will enjoy,” said editor Craig Jarvis.

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