Community Mobilisation is key to a Safe Citizenship in South Africa

The many accounts of ordinary citizens standing together to protect property and lives in the face of looting and burning point to an encouraging trend.

Citizens have had enough of unchecked violence and crime.

Despite media reports of government and some law-enforcement officials classifying civilian checkpoints and roadblocks as unlawful it was undoubtedly the organic response by society to look after themselves that saved hundreds of millions of rands of property and most likely many lives.

And those who criticize public efforts to save themselves should rather ask ‘where were the SAPS and Metro police’?

It is all very well to appear in the media after the fact, but no one who was not on the streets of KZN in the last few nights should be judging those that were.

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After this mess is finally cleared and when SA can start re-building, it would be shortsighted of communities to assume that the government will magically be in control of the crime situation.

Law-abiding citizens are encouraged to establish and promote permanent lawful community structures to pave the way to safer communities.

“Safe Citizen intends to contribute meaningfully to the development of new and effective community safety structures and encourages interested community leaders to join,” said Ian Cameron.

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