West Wind Digital Lifestyle Magazine Issue 10 is live

Issue 10 of The West Wind is live! Focused on the greater St Francis Bay area, including JBay, Humansdorp, and further, the digital magazine features fun and interesting community-based stories and photos from this area.

For those that are locking down, isolating, quarantining, or just generally quite reclusive, then here is some cool reading to while away a winter afternoon or two.

The inimitable Dodds Blom is the showcase artist in this issue, in a feature article written by Jacqueline Jorgensen. Dodd’s stunning wavescape-style artwork paintings and local line-ups have been grabbing much attention of late, and can be found at the St Francis Brew Pub in St Francis Bay (open for takeaways at the moment, until Cyril gives them the go-ahead to re-open).


Also in the issue is a rallying cry for us to support our local restaurants and other establishments fighting the good fight to remain open under the current lockdown restrictions.

Several restaurants and eateries offer convenient (and delicious) takeaways and deliveries, and we just need to help them for a few more weeks until we can sit down for a restaurant meal again.

Seaweed Pickers In The Eastern Cape is a feature article co-written by Rob Anderson and Mark Rothman.

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It reveals the sustainable extractive activity of seaweed picking, who is doing it, and why they do it. So interesting and informative, the article explains so much about the practice of harvesting and all the uses of seaweed.


We also take a look at Wellness during the Pandemic. A few fresh ideas of how to look after ourselves as COVID fatigue sets in along with the cold months of mid-winter, combined with the lack of hooch.

These ideas could help you get over any blue days, at least until TOPS opens again.

Accomplished writer Melissa Volker continues her series on How To Standup Paddleboard, an increasingly popular sport in the St Francis area. In this episode, she talks about Board Selection For Flatwater Standup Paddleboarding.

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