Support local Non Profit Organisations in your community

“When we give our time and resources to something greater than ourselves, we have the power to change the lives of others and ourselves.

When you do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world,” said Desmond Tutu.

By supporting local nonprofits is a great way to make a lasting difference. While many think this is done through financial support, there are plenty of other ways you can help out.

Whether you’re an individual or a business, you can significantly help nonprofits progress towards their goals.

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It has been shown that supporting nonprofits can help you just as much as it helps others. By giving regularly and finding ways to help the world around you, you’re more likely to experience the following benefits:

    • Greater sense of happiness
    • Better mental health
    • Stronger sense of purpose
    • More social connections
    • Longer average lifespan

How Individuals Can Help Local Nonprofit Organizations and your community:

  • Support programs run by local nonprofits ( One Village has a wonderful feeding prograam called the R5 ticket books, where money is removed from the equation of helping people begging on the street.
  • Follow local nonprofits on Social Media
  • Word of mouth, give your favorite NPO some free PR by promoting their programs and what they do
  • Register on their website for the newsletter so you can stay informed of programs or what they need
  • Register as a volunteer, you can see the effects first-hand
  • Donate pre-loved items to the various charity shops in town
  • Donate your skills to the nonprofit, not just for their outreach programs but for the nonprofit itself.

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