St Francis Bay residents urged to cut back on water usage

The Kouga Municipality has made an urgent appeal to all St Francis Bay and Cape St Francis residents to immediately cut back on water usage.

“The extremely high water consumption of residents in St Francis Bay and Cape St Francis is of great concern.

If the water usage is not reduced significantly by the end of July, the municipality will be forced to consider water rationing. This means that water will only be available from the taps for a few hours per day and will be shut off for the remainder of the day.

We will give residents more detail as we closely monitor the water consumption over the next few weeks,” said the Municipality in a statement.

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The ongoing drought in the region has brought dam levels to perilously low levels.

The Churchill Dam is at 19 % of capacity while the other main supply dam to the St Francis Bay area, the Impofu Dam is at 15 % of capacity.

Photo: Duck Shots

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