The only road trip checklist you need

Every motorist’s priority is to have a smooth and safe journey, whether they’re going about their daily commute, or an exciting road trip with loved ones.

A key component to any journey is a reliable vehicle, and the battery that powers it. A well-maintained vehicle shouldn’t break down, and here are six tips to ensure your car goes the distance. 

  1. Under-the-bonnet check
    Make sure you check the oil, coolant and brake fluid levels. If low, your engine may have a leak, which could cause it to seize. A seized engine is not just costly, it will also prevent you from arriving at your destination.
  2. Check all globes
    Ensure that your lights are working for night driving or misty passes. Remember, check the headlights, taillights, indicators and brake lights.
  3. Check your wipers
    Spray your windscreen using the washers and ensure wipers are clearing water effectively. If they leave trails that impair your vision, it’s time to replace your wiper blades.
  4. Check wheels and tyres
    Check they have more than 1,6mm of tread and the tyre pressure is at the level it’s supposed to be. (You can find a guide to tyre pressure inside your fuel flap or on the inside of the driver’s door). Be sure to get your wheels aligned, balanced and check they don’t have cracks or buckles, which can cause air to escape and result in a blowout.
  5. Check brake pads
    Your brakes are ultimately what could prevent accidents. If your car cannot stop in time, you’re putting yourself and other motorists at risk. Ensure the brake pads have at least 5mm of composite material – or listen for signs of worn-out brake pads such as squeaking or grinding when braking.
  6. Check your car battery
    Your car battery is what gets your journey started. A robust, reliable battery should have the following characteristics.


Prevents breakdowns over rough terrain and off-roading activities.

High-cycling endurance

Maximises the lifespan of your battery and ensures your car always starts.

High cranking power

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A quality battery can withstand high temperatures and bitter cold.

To get your journey going smoothly, remember to conduct a road trip check, and if anything needs replacing, do so before you leave.

When it comes to assessing your battery and alternator, there are specialist stores that can assist and install the correct battery for your car. One of South Africa’s most trusted batteries is Exide, and they’re produced locally.

“Exide batteries have been around for 102 years, trusted by motorists and they’ve consistently provided reliable batteries for millions of cars,” said Murray Long, Managing Director of First National Battery.

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