Violent protests will hinder job creation in the Eastern Cape

The recent spate of violent protests in the Eastern Cape are having a negative impact on business confidence and investment, and will further hinder job creation, as unemployment remains stubbornly high in the Eastern Cape.

These protests have had a crippling effect on factories and businesses, which could not operate at full capacity, with staff prevented from getting to work.

This violent protest action might well find a negative expression in the next round of unemployment figures.

The Eastern Cape was once again the worst-performing province, with an unemployment rate of 43,8%, according to the Quarterly Labour Force Survey for the first quarter of 2021, released yesterday.

The expanded unemployment rate, at 49,6%, although slightly down from the 52,4% recorded in the fourth quarter of 2020, is still extremely concerning, and points to a decimating jobs crisis in this province.

Year on year, we have lost 81 000 jobs!

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“If we are to attract investment and grow our economy, we need a government that works, which creates the right environment for the private sector to operate and create jobs.

This means the provision of reliable electricity and water supplies, as well as a functioning transport infrastructure network, and the cutting of red tape. We need to create a climate where investors feel safe and secure, not one that breeds fear and anxiety, said Bobby Stevenson, the DA Leader in the Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature.

“DA-led governments have been leading by example, through good governance, investing in public services and infrastructure and assisting businesses through cutting red tape.

If the people of the Eastern Cape want to overcome this jobs crisis, they need to choose a government that will prioritise economic growth. The DA difference will bring real change to the Eastern Cape,” added Stevenson.

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