Public sector strike planned over salary increases

The Public Servants Association (PSA), representing more than 235 000 public-sector employees, has issued Government with a warning that the 0% wage increase offer for the 2021/22-financial year will not be accepted by the Union’s members.

The PSA, as one of the largest parties at the Public Service Coordinating Bargaining Council, together with labour has tabled its wage demand on 1 March 2021 with a view to conclude a collective agreement, ensuring that public servants receive a wage increase for the 2021/22-financial year.

the association said that public servants should have received their salary increases with effect from 1 April 2021.

“Negotiations resumed on 15 April 2021 where the employer responded to labour’s demands. The response was utterly disappointing and an insult to labour as it only responded positively to some issues, which have no direct short-term financial benefit for employees.”

The association said that the government’s offer for the cost-of-living adjustment for the 2021/22-financial year was a 0% increase. The rest of the substantive demands by labour were also rejected, it said.

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Government has remained steadfast in its decision to introduce a salary freeze for South Africa’s 1.3 million public servants during the 2021/22.

Kouga has recently endured an illegal strike by SAMWU workers which resulted in municipal offices being closed and refuse collection being negatively impacted.

The DA led Council stood firm and implemented a no work – no pay stance and also suspended the 14 shop stewards who led the strike.