CCTV Cameras are keeping St Francis Bay safe

The St Francis Bay Property Owners have rolled out an effective CCTV camera system that is funded through the Special Rating Area.

The CCTV system performs a 24/7 monitoring service that provides an effective deterrent to criminals targeting the St Francis Bay area. The cameras include:

    • Licence plate recognition (LPR): 303,766 licence plates were registered on our roads in February 2021, with 159 being identified as positive alerts and followed up by Atlas, Calibre or SAPS
    • Analytic cameras: a number of our cameras have AI software that monitors their zones and alerts any suspicious activity to the Control Centre operators. In February this year, there were 1,062 analytic activations which generated 52 reactive callouts by Calibre Security.
    • These callouts often result in the person/s who activated the analytic being escorted out of the area if there is no valid reason for them being there.
    • PTZ: follow people’s movements and be operated by Control Room staff to follow and zoom in on anything suspicious. These are situated around our primary beaches.

“We are satisfied that the CCTV system operates effectively and are in negotiations to implement our continuous improvement policy,” said the St Francis Bay Property Owners in their recent newsletter.

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Photo: Darren Peens

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