Contagious Bird Disease spreading in the Eastern Cape

The Eastern Cape Veterinary Services has launched an investigation into the mysterious death of birds in parts of the Province.

It seems to affect doves and pigeons most obviously, and a number of dead or sick birds have been noted around the village of St Francis Bay.

Tests are being done to find out what the disease is, of it can be spread to humans, but in the meantime they are some important things that you can do.

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  • Don’t handle sick or dead birds. If you need to move them use a spade or disposable gloves
  • Don’t try to treat or feed sick birds
  • Don’t put out bird feed or fill bird baths as these are gathering places where disease can spread
  • Wash bird feeders and bird baths thoroughly with hot soapy water, using gloved hands

Symptoms to look out for in ill birds include puffiness, inability to fly, very tame, loss of balance and disorientation, and shallow breathing.

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