New International Airport for Jeffreys Bay

Planning is well underway to extend and upgrade the Paradise Beach Airfield to international status.

A lack of a regional airport that can accommodate direct international flights has been identified as an opportunity by a group of Chinese investors who are prepared to sink millions of dollars into the ambitious project.

Proposed infrastructure for the new airport included three runways, two passenger terminals and an optional third terminal.

Essential support facilities include aircraft engineering support, in-flight catering services, fire stations and utilities.

Avi Ator woo Chan who represents the investors said that Jeffreys Bay is an internationally recognised brand and that the new airport will ensure a boom in tourism in the region.

“We have done our schoolwork and this project will make lots of money for us and a little bit for South Africans. We will employ a few local people and will be constructing our own guest houses to accommodate all the Chinese tourists who will be visiting Jeffreys Bay,” said woo Chan.

“There should even be some over capacity so everyone will benefit and come to love having a big airport on their doorstep.”

When questioned about the wetland surrounding the Paradise Beach airfield and the noise pollution residents will be subjected to, Avi Ator woo Chang said that there are solutions for everything.

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“What is more important – making money or worrying about some frogs and insects who live in a wetland?

There will be some noise for the residents but they can actually walk to the airport from their homes and fly anywhere in the world. Who in their wrong mind will be unhappy with this?

We have done undue diligence and these risks are small compared to the money we will make,” said woo Chang.

Construction is planned to start on 01 April 2022.



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