FXCM Group reports monthly Stock Baskets Figures

 FXCM Group, LLC , the leading international provider of online foreign exchange trading, CFD trading and related services, has released the volume increases for the month of February in its proprietary stock basket product line.

FXCM’s stock basket products combine the shares of multiple companies from one sector into a single tradeable instrument. This allows customers to speculate on sectors as a whole instead of having to select a single company. The company currently boosts a portfolio of thirteen stock baskets.

For the 1st time since August 2020, FAANG was not the most popular traded stock basket at FXCM, as the February rise and fall of the Cannabis sector, caught the attention of FXCM traders.

While Cannabis finished the month with only a modest 5% gain, at one stage mid-month the price had exceeded $6000 from its starting point of $3998.

On the back of a difficult 2020, the Travel & Hospitality, Airlines and Casino sectors saw the biggest trading gains in a month that saw total FXCM basket volume rise by approximately 13% from January.

The list of companies and weightings is available on FXCM’s stock basket website (https://www.fxcm.com/za/stock-baskets/)

Sector Symbol Feb Price Change1 Monthly Change in
FXCM Volume2
1 Cannabis CANNABIS 4.97% 400%
2 Chinese Tech CHN.TECH 9.76% 93%
3 Big US Tech FAANG -0.93% -58%
4 Chinese E-Commerce CHN.ECOMM 3.51% 3%
5 Airlines AIRLINES 28.15% 63%
6 Biotech BIOTECH -2.84% -71%
7 Casinos CASINOS 27.96% 254%
8 US-Ecommerce US.ECOMM 5.00% -11%
9 Esports & Gaming ESPORTS 2.58% -44%
10 Travel and Hospitality TRAVEL 34.20% 25%
11 US Banks US.BANKS 16.39% -6%
12 Work From Home WFH -3.76% 217%
13 US Automotive US.AUTO -3.73% 125%