World-first marathon swim by an artist, for artists

Capetonian musician and marathon swimmer Carina Bruwer has become the first person in the world to swim across Walker Bay, in a time of 6:36 in aid of the Tribuo fund and the performing arts sector of South Africa.

She did so according to English Channel swimming rules, wearing only a costume, cap and goggles, and starting and finishing on dry land, without any contact with the support boat throughout the swim.

The route was from Hermanus Old Harbour to Stanford Cove in De Kelders, where she was welcome by a local crowd of supporters. The official distance of the swim is just shy of 21km, swimming against a strong head current for most of the distance, and water temperature varied between 17.5 and 19 degrees.

It was a beautiful day on the water, with minimal wind and plenty of sea life. Walker Bay is known for its white shark population, and also hosts whales, dolphins, seals, penguins and other sea life aplenty.

She embarked on this challenge in aid of the Tribuo fund, a non-profit organisation that was created due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the performing arts sector.

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“Carina left Hermanus one hour prior to Low Water (9h15) having slack tides for the first two hours, tides started pushing hard against her at the 2 1/2hr mark.

The following day was Spring Tides She had 2kts pushing against her, for the proceeding the next 2hrs and I took a mammoth effort for her to make way during this period.

It made her 21km more like 27km… The Ocean did play her part giving us pristine conditions otherwise, and she sent all her magnificent creatures along for the swim.”, says Bjorn von During from South African Shark Conservancy, who piloted the support boat from Blade Charters.

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