Increase in Kouga Covid-19 active cases

There has been an increase in the number of active Covid-19 cases in the Kouga region.

Active Covid-19 cases totalled seven on 14 March, according to the latest report from the Department of Health.

124 residents have died since the pandemic broke out last year.

The breakdown per town, as at 14 March, was as follows: Jeffreys Bay 6, Humansdorp 1, Patensie 0, St Francis 0, Oyster Bay 0, Thornhill 0, Hankey 0 and Loerie 0.

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The hotspot areas are Humansdorp Town (1), Jeffreys Bay Central (4) and Wavecrest (2).

The cumulative total stood at 5 389, including, 5 258 recoveries.

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