Gangbusters digital surfing magazine launches in South Africa

Gangbusters Surfing Magazine is a brand-new digital format surfing magazine recently released in South Africa by well respected surf journalist Craig Jarvis.

It is the first online and interactive surfing magazine in South Africa. Gangbusters is working with surf forecasting and surf camera website www.wavescape.co.za along with Boardtalk Magazine, and it’s a free magazine, and is aimed at everyone who surfs in South Africa.

Made to be read on phones, tablets, and any other screens, Gangbusters celebrates being a surfer in South Africa. Anyone can get a photo in this online magazine. It is monthly, so there will be plenty of opportunities for everyone to get their 15 minutes of fame.

This first issue showcases the photography of popular Durban photographer Dave Lindemann. Dave shot many perfect but empty lineups during the hard days of the early lockdown. Also, he captured many incredible images from both Durban coasts. Dawn patrol shoots and high-action imagery make up the showcase.


North Coast © @lindemann_photography


Stevan Rice is a lesser-known big wave charger who started off his surfing career at Addington. He has now graduated to Mavericks and was serendipitously-placed to be there for Mavericks’ best season since they started surfing it. He got some bombs, including the wave of a lifetime, so we caught up with him and filled in the holes with peer-reviews from Twiggy and Grant Washburn.

In international news, there is also an interesting article on the new Wavegarden Cove set up in Switzerland and all the exciting developments there. Founded by a 25-year-old – Adam Bonvin – the wave pool is called Alaïa Bay and is situated in Sion in Switzerland. This town enjoys over 300 days of sunshine a year.

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Miles Masterson reports from the Cape West Coast, where Cape Town big wave surfer Mike Schlebach has formed an environmental NPO to fight beach mining. There is already a lot of coastal damage up there, and nothing is being done about it. This is a cause we can all support. We delve in.

Jordy and MFeb make an East Coast trip and score some epic waves. They luck into point-breaks, beaches and reefs and get most of them without anyone else around. Two of the best surfers in the country with very different approaches to the art of wave-riding, the two surfers were perfect foils for their respective surfing styles.


Jordy Smith, East Coast gouge © Ant Fox/Red Bull Content Poo,l


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